The Usage view shows usage analytics for Lairs in your Workspace. To access it, click on Usage in the left nav bar from the home page.

Usage Components

Monthly runtime hours is the total amount of time your scripts spend running. As an example, If you have a single HTTP endpoint that gets queried once per day and the script takes 5 seconds to run - that would be 150 seconds of runtime that month.
Invocations are the number of times a script is kicked off via a trigger. This includes cron triggers, deployments, and HTTP endpoints. If a script runs once a day on a cron trigger, that is 30 invocations per month. If an HTTP endpoint is queried once per hour, that is 24 invocations in a day.
Triggers per Workspace
The number of triggers in a workspace. These include Cron, HTTP, and Deploy triggers. Note, a trigger in both a development and production environment counts as a single trigger.
The number of team members in a workspace.
The number of unique Lairs created within a workspace.