Your Lair can be published to share with publicly with external audiences. Once published, your Lair's file system can be cloned to a WayScript user's workspace with a single button.

Publishing your Lair

Navigate to the 🌎 “Publish” tab in your Lair's toolbar. Click the "Publish" button to generate a published link.
Your Lair must be deployed to a production environment before it can be published, and on clone, your Lair's file system on its production environment will be shared. Please see Deployments for more details.
Once published, you can preview or copy the endpoint to your clipboard and share it with your audience!

Cloning a published Lair

Navigate to a published Lair's endpoint to view its README, if available, and clone the Lair to your workspace. You must be logged-in to clone a published Lair.