Your Lairs can be configured to generate email alerts on the following process conditions:
  • Success - process has exited with "Done" status
  • Fail - process has exited with "Failed" status
  • Any - process has exited with any status, including "Done", "Killed", or "Failed"
Please note that alerts will be generated on process exit and not on process start and will only be generated in your Lair's production environment. Please see Processes for more details on process status and Deployments for instructions on how to deploy your Lair to its production environment.

Creating an alert

Navigate to the 🔔 Alerts tab in your Lair toolbar. Select "+ New Alert".
Alerts can be composed with the following parameters:
  • On - select process condition to generate alert from options identifed above
  • Alert - choose the member of workspace to alert
  • Frequency - limit the volume of alerts by selecting options "once a hour" or "once a day"; otherwise all alerts will be generated by option "always"
  • Trigger (optional) - select a specific trigger, by name, where only its invoked processes will generate alerts; otherwise all processes in the Lair will generate alerts
If you create a new alert or modify an alert, you must re-deploy your Lair to its production environment for the changes to take effect. Please see Deploymentsfor more details on how to re-deploy.
Last modified 10mo ago