Discord Trigger

Seamlessly integrate Discord with your favorite APIs, databases, and programming languages, using WayScript.
Run your script when Discord events occur.

To interact with discord channels using the WayScript bot, use the Discord module.

🔗 Link Your Discord Account

⚡ You can trigger WayScript programs to run when various Discord events occur.

In order to do this, you must first link your Discord account. Then, select the Discord Guild/Server you want to work with.


Choose when to run the program

Run program when:

  • A message was posted to the channel

  • A user joined the server

#⃣ Choose a Channel

Choose a Discord channel to work with.

If you have recently added a channel and do not see it, click the refresh button.

📤 Output

  • Discord User

  • Discord Message

    discord_message = {
    message : String,
    user : String,
    id : String,
    guild : Int,
    is_bot : Boolean,
    channel : Int,