Datadog Trigger

Seamlessly integrate Datadog with your favorite APIs, databases, and programming languages, using WayScript.

Monitoring service for cloud-scale applications

To get details about your Datadog monitors, use the Datadog Module.


🗝 Input or Select an API Key

You will need to have access to two keys in order to return data from the Datadog API:

  • Application Key - Gives access to interacting with the Datadog Agent.

  • API Key - Unique to your organization

Both of these keys can be found here.

👥 Choose your Organization

Select the organization you'd like to use the trigger with.

📧 Mention @webhook-wayscript-datadog-trigger

In order for your webhook event to be sent to WayScript, you'll need to mention @webhook-wayscript-datadog-trigger in the alert or event in order for it to be sent to your trigger.

Example of mentioning @webhook-wayscript-datadog-trigger in a Datadog monitor alert.

📤 Output

Event = {
"body": String,
"id": Number,
"last_updated": Number,
"event_type": String,
"title": String,
"date": Number,
"url": URL,
"snapshot_url": URL,
"tags": [ String ],
"hostname": String,
"logs_sample": String,
"id": Number,
"name": String
"id": Number,
"metric": String,
"priority": String,
"query": String,
"scope": String,
"status": String,
"title": String
"name": String,
"username": String,
"email": String }