Seamlessly integrate Microsoft Word with your favorite APIs, databases, and programming languages, using WayScript.
Work with Microsoft Word. Read file data, and build Word documents.

📖 Read File

📂 Choose File To Read

Select a Word Document

You can upload a Word document to WayScript or select a document you have already uploaded.

📤 Outputs

Doc = {
paragraphs : [ String ],
full_text : String,
words : [ String ]

Write File

🌟 Create a File

Under Settings > Choose File to Write, select 'Create New File'

Create New File

In the modal, create a name for your file.

🖋 Write Mode

  • Add to File - This mode will add any new contents as a new paragraph below any data already in the word document.

  • Overwrite File - This mode will overwrite your old document with the new information.

Be careful with Overwrite File - this will delete all content in your word document and cannot be undone.

Add Contents

You can include variables in your text document.

Download Document

When your program runs, you can download your Word document directly from the log.

Download Button in Log