Weather API

Current weather and forecasts in your city.

You can read a tutorial using this Module here.

To run your program at sunrise and/or sunset in a given location, use the Weather API Trigger.


  • Temperature Type: Fahrenheit, Celcius, Kelvin


  • Location - Input a location to search (e.g. Brooklyn NY, 123 Fifth Street, etc.)

    • This is a required input.


  • City Name - Name of the City (ex: Palo Alto)

  • Weather Condition Category - Categories: Thunderstorm, Drizzle, Rain, Snow, Clear, Clouds, Atmosphere ( implies mist, haze, fog or other visual impairments )

  • Weather Condition Summary - Clear, Light, or Heavy

  • Weather Conditions - A more detailed list of weather conditions. More info here.

  • Weather Condition IDS - IDS for more detailed weather conditions. More info here.

  • Sunrise Time - Time of sunrise

  • Sunset Time - Time of sunset

  • Current Temperature - Current temperature of Location

  • Minimum Temperature - Minimum temperature for the day

  • Maximum Temperature - Maximum temperature for the day

  • Humidity - Returned as a Percent (ex: 50%)

  • Pressure - hPa

  • Visibility - Visibility, meters

  • Wind Speed - Wind speed, mps

  • Wind Direction - Wind direction, degrees (meteorological)

  • JSON Data - Raw JSON data received from the API