Verify Emails
Easily verify that email addresses are valid, using WayScript.
Verify that an email address is valid.
Powered by mailboxlayer.


  • Email - Email address you want to verify


  • Email Format - Returns 'Valid' for proper email syntax, otherwise returns 'Invalid'.
  • SMTP Test - Contacts the email address via the Simple Mail Tansfer Protocol (SMTP) to determine whether the email address provided actually exists. Returns 'Passed' if the email address exists, otherwise returns 'Failed'
  • Quality Score - Returns a value from 0 (Bad) to 1 (Good) (Quality Score is only an indicator and should not be the only factor when determining whether or not to send to an email address.)
    • For transactional email:
      • (1.00-0.65: Good)
      • (0.64-0.33: Medium)
      • (0.32-0.00: Bad)
    • For marketing email:
      • (1.00-0.80: Good)
      • (0.79-0.49: Medium)
      • (0.48-0.00: Bad)
  • Did You Mean - Returns an alternative email suggestion if a potential misspelling is detected in the domain part of the email address
  • JSON Data - Raw JSON data received from the API
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