Seamlessly integrate Twilio text messaging with your favorite APIs, databases, and programming languages, using WayScript.
Send text messages.
Check out Twilio on GitHub.
If you would like to send text messages to yourself, check out the Text Message module.

Setting up Your Account

This module requires that you have a Twilio SMS account. If you don't, please set one up before continuing.

1) Add New Account

Click 'Add New Account' in your Twilio Module Settings.
Twilio Settings

2) Go to your Twilio Dashboard​

3) Input API Key Data

From your Twilio Dashboard, grab your Account Name, Account SID, and Auth Token.
On Twilio Dashboard
Copy and paste the data into the WayScript modal.
Press submit.


  • Twilio Phone Number - Input your Twilio SMS phone number.
    • Required Format: +12223334567


  • Phone Number - This is the phone number you are sending a message to.
    • Required Format: +12223334567
  • Text Message - This is your message.You can include variable values in your messages.
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