Trello is a team collaboration tool that lets you organize and keep projects on task.

Check out py-trello on GitHub.

To run your program when changes are made to your Trello boards, lists, and cards, use the Trello Trigger.

Link Your Trello Account

When you add a Trello Trigger to your program, you will be prompted to link an account if you have not done so already. Get My Boards

Get My Boards


  • Board Names

  • Board IDs

Get Cards From a Board

Select a Board


  • Card Names

  • Card IDs

  • Card Descriptions

  • Card Lists

This will return up to 1000 of the most-recent cards on your Trello board.

Create a New Card

  1. Select a Board

  2. Select a List


  • Card Name

  • Card Description

  • Due Date for the Card