Connecting to SQL Azure

Follow these steps to connect to your SQL Azure database using WayScript.

Obtain the Connection String for your Database

  1. Login to the Microsoft Azure Portal and navigate to the database you would like to connect

  2. Under "Settings" click on "Connection Strings"

  3. Click "ODBC" to view the connection string details, taking note of the Server URL (e.g., Port (e.g. 1433), Database (e.g. wayscript-test), and Uid (e.g. captain)

SQL Azure Connection Strings

You will also need to know the password for your database user.

Enter the Connection Information in WayScript

  1. In the SQL Module Account Selector, click "Add an Account"

  2. Enter the information gathered from the connection string above, including the password for your database user

  3. Click "Submit" to create the new account

Add a SQL Azure Database Account

Make sure all connection info matches, including the port!

Add WayScript's IP Addresses as Exceptions to the Database's Firewall

  1. In the SQL Azure Portal, navigate to the "Overview" page for your database, then click on "Set server firewall"

2. Add all of the IP Addresses described in the page below to your database firewall settings

Allow all of WayScript's IP Addresses to Connect to your Database