Run queries against a SQL database.


Add an Account

Select "Add an Account" to add a new database, or select a database you have already submitted.

The SQL module supports connections to MySQL, SQL Server, and PostgreSQL database instances.

Select a Database or Add An Account

Setting Up a New Database

You must supply the following information in order to connect to your database:

  • Database Type: MySQL, SQL Server, or PostgreSQL.

  • Endpoint: The publicly accessible URL for your database.

  • Port: The port where your database instance accepts connections.

    • Defaults are 3306 for MySQL, 1430 for SQL Server, and 5432 for PostgreSQL.

  • Database Name: The name of the database you want to run the query against.

  • User: The username to use to connect to the database.

  • Password: The corresponding password for the specified user.

Compose Your SQL Query

Compose your SQL query in the "Query" input box.

You can run your query by clicking the ("play") button on the code box, or by running your program.

An example SELECT statement.


Any data returned by your SQL query will be displayed as a table in the "Outputs" section.

To use output data elsewhere in your program, assign a name to each column of data you want to use. The column will then appear as a list variable in your "Variables" panel.