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  • Options - Lookup Artist

👩🎤 Lookup Artist By

  • Options - Artist Name, Spotify ID, Spotify URI

  • Warning - Looking up artist by 'Artist Name' will return top search result, correct result is not guaranteed. For full results, use the JSON Output

📥 Inputs

  • Artist - Put in the artist input that fits your Lookup Artist By selection

📤 Outputs

  • Artist Name

  • Number of Followers - Number of listeners following the artist

  • Genres - A list of the genres the artist is associated with. For example: 'Prog Rock, Post-Grunge'

  • ImageURL - Image URL of the artist (height 640px)

  • Popularity - The popularity of the artist. The value will be between 0 and 100, with 100 being the most popular. The artist’s popularity is calculated from the popularity of all the artist’s tracks.

  • Spotify ID - The Spotify ID for the artist

  • Spotify URI - The Spotify URI for the artist.

  • JSON Data - Raw JSON data received from the API