Shell Script

Seamlessly integrate your Bash shell script with your favorite APIs, databases, and programming languages, using WayScript.
Run a shell script.

See Code Editors for more information on composing code in WayScript.

Working with Variables

📥 Inputs

WayScript's shell script editor lets you reference Variables that exist in your program. To do this, you can reference them through the variables associative array.

As an example, let's create a variable called "Location" and set a value of "Brooklyn, NY"

You can then reference the Location variable in your shell script:


More abstractly, you reference any variable with the format:

MY_VAR=${variables[ "<var_name>" ]}
You can also reference a WayScript variable as a shortcut for the associative array syntax.

📤 Outputs

Return Data from Your Shell Script

You can also output data from your shell script and turn these into variables that can be used by other Modules in your program.

You can do this with the variables associative array in the following format:

variables["<Var Name>"]=value
You can also reference a WayScript variable to simplify assignment to an existing variable.

Running a Shell Script

While working on your script, you can press the "Run Code" button inside the module to run the script and see updated results.

Calling Other Scripts

You can add and reference other shell scripts in your File Browser. For example, suppose you have a file called

You can run from

Example of calling another script in your File Browser.