Easily use RegEx to process data from your favorite APIs, databases, and programming languages, using WayScript.
Find matching patterns within text.

📥 Inputs

  • String - sequence of characters

  • Pattern - sequence of characters representing the regular expression

    • Example to match the start of a string: "^Hello"

    • Example to match the end of a string: "Bye$"

    • Example to match an exact word: "word"

    • Example to match an alphanumeric sequence: "[a-zA-Z0-9]*"

    • Example to match 3 to 6 digits: "[0-9]{3,6}"

    • Example to match a pattern with an optional preceding letter: "[c]?art"

    • Example to match character groups: "(c|m|h)at"

  • Global - search for all non-overlapping matches

  • Multiline - match on each line separated by the newline character of the string input

  • Case Insensitive - match on the lowercase version of the string input

  • Match Dot to All Characters - match the dot character to all characters, including newline character

📤 Outputs

Create variables for:

  • Has Match - boolean indicating whether a match was found with the specified pattern

  • Matches Found - list of matches found

  • Indices of Matches Found - list of indices for each match found

  • Captured Groups - list of captured groups for each match found

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