Microsoft Teams

Seamlessly integrate Microsoft Teams with your favorite APIs, databases, and programming languages, using WayScript.
More ways to be a team.

Check out Microsoft Graph Documentation on GitHub.

🔗 Link Your Microsoft Teams Account

When using Microsoft Teams module for the first time, follow the prompt to authorize access.

You can add additional accounts from the 'Select an Account' dropdown in the Microsoft Teams module settings

💼 Select an Account

Select the team that you would like to work with.

#⃣ Work With Channels


  • Create a Channel

  • Write to a Channel

🌟 Create a Channel

📥 Inputs

  • Name (required)

📤 Output

New_Channel_Id : String

Write to a Channel

Choose any channel in your Workspace.

📥 Inputs

  • Message

📤 Output

Action_Status : String

👥 Work with Users


  • Get a User's Member ID

🆔 Get a User's Member ID

Choose a User

📤 Output

Member_ID : String