HTTP Response
Easily build an HTTP endpoint that sends content created from your favorite APIs, databases, and programming languages, using WayScript.
Stop the program and return the content as an HTTP response
To trigger a function when a user goes to a URL, use the HTTP Trigger.


HTTP Response only works if the function was started by a HTTP Trigger. It will stop the program execution and return an HTTP response.

Response Types

Success (200)

The default is 200, which indicates that the request was successful. Under 'Response Type', you can choose between HTML, JSON, or File Download.
  • For HTML, you can return HTML, variables or raw text in the 'Response Content' field.
  • For JSON, you must select a Struct variable.
  • For XML, compose the XML to return in the 'Response Content' field.
  • For File Download, you can select a file from your account. This response will download the selected file to the user's machine.

Redirect (301)

You can pass a URL, which will allow you to redirect to a different endpoint.
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