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Automate actions with Gmail.

To run your script when Gmail messages change, use the Gmail Trigger.


Select an account or add an account to work with Gmail.

Select or Add an Account

📧 Send Email

👤 To

  • You can input a single item variable or hardcode an email address.

    • This is a required input.

  • If you want to send to multiple emails, you can comma separate them.


🔤 Subject

📝 Body

Gmail Setup Example

📩 Import Emails

This mode pulls in data on all of the emails in your inbox. The outputs are all lists.

📤 Outputs

  • All Email Recipients - For each message, returns a list of ALL email recipients (includes To and Cc)

  • To Email Recipients - All emails in the To section of the messages.

  • Cc Email Recipients - All emails of those Cc'd on the messages.

  • Senders - Email addresses of the people who sent the messages.

  • Subjects - Subjects of the messages.

  • Body Snippets - Snippets of the bodies of the messages.

  • Dates - Date/Time each message was received.