A web-based hosting service for version control using Git.

To run your program when GitHub events occur, use the GitHub Trigger.

Search for a User


Search for metrics on a user account by:

  • Username

  • Email

  • GitHub URL


Create variables for:

  • Name

  • Company

  • Blog

  • Location

  • Email

  • Bio

  • Number of Public Repos

  • Number of Public Gists

  • Number of Followers

  • Number Following

  • Names of Public Repos

  • Public Repo URLs

  • Most Popular Repo Name

  • Most Popular Number of Stars

  • Most Popular Number of Forks

  • Most Popular Number Watches

  • Most Popular Repo URL

  • Raw JSON Data

Search for a Repo


Search for metrics on a repository by entering its Github URL.


Create variables for:

  • Repo Name

  • Repo Author Username

  • Date Created

  • Date of Last Update

  • Date of Last Push

  • Repo Size (KB)

  • Number of Stars

  • Subscriber Count

  • Number of Forks

  • Repo Language

  • Open Issues Count

  • Network Count

  • Contributor Usernames

  • Contributor URLs

  • README content

  • Raw JSON Data