Realtime and historical data on digital currencies, such as Bitcoin.


Certain modes collect data about the overall market, while others look up individual Tickers.

Tickers follow format 'Ticker 1-Ticker 2' where 1 unit of Ticker 2 is converted to Ticker 1.

Ex. Last Price for 'BTC-LTC' of 0.00832 means that 1 LTC = 0.00832 BTC.

For ticker queries, you can select an option from the available list, or input your own.


The Following modes are available and the listed outputs can be retrieved as variables.

(Single): variables are single items

(List): variables are lists

Note: 'JSON Data' is available for all modes and is always a single item.

List of All Tickers (List)

  • All Ticker Symbols: List of all Digital Currency pairs in the market

Current Data for a Ticker (Single)

  • Bid Price

  • Ask Price

  • Last Price

Last 24 Hour Summaries of all Active Exchanges (List)

  • Market Names

  • High Prices

  • Low Prices

  • Volumes

  • Last Prices

  • Base Volumes

  • Timestamps

  • Bid Prices

  • Ask Prices

  • Number of Open Buy Orders

  • Number of Open Sell Orders

  • Previous Days

Last 24 Hour Summary of a Ticker (Single)

  • Bid Price

  • Ask Price

  • Last Price

  • Market Name

  • High Price

  • Low Price

  • Volume

  • Base Volume

  • Timestamp

  • Open Buy Orders

  • Open Sell Orders

  • Previous Day

Historical Market Data for a Ticker (List)

  • Timestamps

  • IDs

  • Quantities

  • Prices

  • Totals

  • Fill Types

  • Order Types