File Actions
Perform actions on files to enable use in WayScript modules

Read File

Read in a file from the WayScript File System to create a File Variable that can be used in other modules. For example, read in an HTML file to pass its contents into the HTTP Response module.


Select file or variable from the WayScript File System to be referenced by a new File Variable.


Toggle whether the File Actions module generates a File Variable with the following attributes:
  • bytes - raw data associated with the file
  • extension - file format
  • filename - name of file as shown in the WayScript File System
  • filepath - absolute path to file
  • mimetype - nature and format of the file
  • url - static url if file has been made public, otherwise NULL

Save a File

Convert raw data stored in a WayScript variable into a file saved on the WayScript File System.


  • File Name - what you would like the new file to be named, including the extension
  • File Bytes - the variable data that should be added to the file
  • File Location - where to store the file on the WayScript File System


You can toggle whether to allow overwriting of an existing file or generate an error when the file path matches that of an existing file.