Create Variable
Create a variable.
For a tutorial on creating variables in WayScript, see Getting Started - Variables.

Creating a Variable

Creating variables in WayScript is done using standard Python syntax. You can create as many variables as you like using a single Create Variable module by adding a new field to create each additional variable.
Create variables by clicking "+ Add Variable" and assigning the variable's value to the variable's name.
The type of each variable will be inferred and the variables will be created for use later in your script.

Updating the Value of a Variable

You can also use the Create Variable module to edit the value of a variable. To do this, drag the variable pill into the Create Variable module and assign the new value to the pill.
For example, suppose you created the variable "my_struct" previously in your program, but you want to change "my_struct.count" from 123 to 456.
Simply drag the "my_struct.count" pill into a new Create Variable step and assign it the new value.
Updating a variable value using the Create Variable module.