Sharing your Script

WayScript allows you to share your programs with others via email or a public link.
To share, simply click the "Share" button in the top right corner of the Script Editor.
Clicking the "Share" button opens the Share modal.
In addition to email and link sharing, you can also control run access. "Can view" means users can view, but not run or edit your script. They are, however, able to clone the script to their account so they can use a copy of it for themselves.
"Can Run" means the user can run the program from your account. That means the script will run with any logins or APIs you've authenticated, so use with care!
Pressing "Copy" copies the public link to your clipboard.

Managing Sharing & Access

Clicking "Manage Sharing" lets you control which user accounts have access to your script, and their level of permissions.
You can add or delete more users here.
That's it! Share scripts with friends or coworkers to help them supercharge their projects and workflows.