Code Editors

WayScript allows you to write code to augment any script.

The ability to include code steps in your script allows power-users ultimate flexibility. With WayScript, you can query your SQL database, manipulate data with Python or even build a website with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Using Variables

Just like most inputs in WayScript, code editors allow you to drag variables directly into your code.


Each code editor, has its own 'local' file, and shares any "global" files throughout your script with any other steps of the same type.

Accessing Files

To work with files, click the chevron in the top-left corner of the code editor. You can add new global files for easy access throughout your script.

Full Screen Mode

For a better coding experience click the arrows at the top-right of your editor to enter full-screen mode, or use the + and - buttons to adjust the font size.

Code Modules