Code Editors
WayScript allows you to write code to augment any script.
The ability to include code steps in your script allows power-users ultimate flexibility. With WayScript, you can query your SQL database, manipulate data with Python or Java, run a shell script, and even build a website with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Editing Code

In a module with a code editor, click the "Edit Code" button to open the full-screen editor.
The "Edit Code" button appears when you hover over a code box.
Once opened, you will see your module settings, a File Browser, and a window for editing your code.

Using Variables

Just like most inputs in WayScript, code editors allow you to drag variables directly into your code.


Each code editor, has its own local file, called "scratch," and shares any global files throughout your script with any other steps of the same type.

Accessing Files

To work with files, open the "File Browser". You can add new global files for easy access throughout your script. You also use the File Browser to select the file that you would like this module to run.
The File Browser allows you to create new files, switch between files, or edit the name of an existing file.
When a step is triggered, or when you press the "Run Code" button, the active file in the editor, indicated by the green dot, will be the one that runs.

Importing Code from Other Files

In the Python and JavaScript modules, you can import code from other files. Refer to the documentation for those modules for more details.

Code Modules