What is WayScript?

WayScript is a rapid development platform built to give you superpowers.
Unlike many visual programming platforms, WayScript is a powerful programming language with variables, functions, recursion, logic, and much more.
We manage all the third-party APIs for you, as well as the cloud infrastructure, so you don't have to.
WayScript programs you create can be seamlessly shared with your team, company, friends, and the WayScript community.
Video: What is WayScript? | A Community-Driven, Drag & Drop Development Platform With No Limitations.

Getting Started

If you're new to WayScript, click the link below to learn how to create your first WayScript "Hello World" program.

YouTube Tutorials

We publish weekly YouTube tutorials of use cases, functionality, and much more.


We care about your privacy. We are not sharing data about you with advertisers nor anybody else.
Last modified 2yr ago